Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Valentine's Day!

Wow, Valentine's Day is going to come up quickly and we just finished Christmas!  It's hard not to get excited about Valentine's Day though and it's an excuse to do something fun.  I just got our new cupcake kits and boxes from Meri Meri and they are quite pretty and charming.  It's the perfect packaging for those who love to bake cupcakes.  For those who prefer to buy cupcakes rather than bake, the boxes still make a great presentation.  I love the kids boxed Valentine's Day cards to give out to their school friends.   I know what I'm doing for Valentine's Day!


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  1. This is the FOURTH time I've asked you to update me about my order. I ordered 3 weeks ago hoping it would arrive on time for my daughter's first birthday party on the 29th. If it hasn't shipped yet, then okay, but please please let me know if it's going to ship anytime soon. I've tried every way of contacting you. Thanks!